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Our 5-Star Reviews


We hired Richi to help our rising 7th grader with pre-algebra after trying a number of math tutors who – despite impressive credentials – either didn’t explain the material clearly, or practically gave him the answer in an effort to “get it done.” Richi does none of that. He’s engaging, personable, and most importantly, actually teaches the material so my son can do it himself. He fills the holes in my son’s knowledge and the mistakes in his thinking. My husband has worked in the same room where Richi works with my son, and he says Richi is the best all-around teacher we’ve encountered – counting all the school teachers, music teachers, coaches, etc. – in a word, phenomenal – grab this inspiring math guru if you can!

– Johanna (Mother of 7th Grade Student) | Santa Monica, CA

Amazing, patient and thorough teacher

Richi is an incredible tutor, he really breaks things down for me and helps me to see where I’m making mistakes while also being patient and encouraging! I have never felt good at math but he makes me feel very capable and I’m actually understanding concepts now! I am so glad that I connected with him, it has been a real live saver for me, thank you so much Richi! He also explains the reasoning behind why we are doing certain steps and that really helps me to remember them!

– Autumn (Business Algebra 2 College Student) | Plano, TX

Knowledgeable and patient!

Richi came to our rescue on last minute call to help on pre-calculus. He was patient as he walked my daughter through all the issues and gave her as much as she needed to understand, and also contributed to solve problems offline for her. I am very impressed and grateful!

– Sonali (Mother of 11th Grade Pre-Calculus Student) | Mc Lean, VA

Richi Rocks

I have worked with many math tutors over the years so I feel I have a relatively well rounded perspective. Richi is one of the most thorough, patient, creative, and caring instructors I’ve ever worked with. Basically, Richi is da bomb.


Top notch geometry tutor

My 9th grader has been working with Richi for about one month and they have really clicked. He is very patient and knowledgeable and relates well to teens. He is always on time and accommodating with regard to scheduling and he is never in a rush to leave. Even after only one month, my son has gained so much confidence in geometry, it’s fantastic. The time spent with Richi is paying off tremendously, I highly recommend him to anyone that needs a HS math tutor.


Knowledgeable and caring

Richi helped my daughter with precalculus. He made sure that my daughter gets the concept by using different methods to make math easy to understand. He was very flexible with last minute change that we had to make on the timing of our session due to my daughter’s finals. I highly recommend him!


Knowledgeable ACT Math Tutor

Richi is working closely with our son to target the type of questions he got wrong on the ACT math section. He is calm and has the tools and knowledge to help him improve his score.

– Karen

My kid got a lot of his time with Richi

Richi arrived on time and was very helpful and knowledgeable. My son and Richi got along well, he’s very pleasant.

-Misty (Mother of 11th grade Pre-Calculus student) | Brentwood, CA

Super helpful!

Richi is a great tutor who explains difficult concepts in an understandable way. He is super helpful and goes out of his way to make sure that you understand the content. I was doing terribly in a Pre-calculus class, and Richi helped me bring my grade up to an A. I would definitely recommend him as a tutor for anyone struggling in math!


Great tutor!

Richi was able to explain a theory to my son in a concise way that he was able to understand. Not everyone learns the same way and Richi knew right away how to teach it so my son got it!


The best math tutor imaginable–great for Algebra, Geometry, etc., etc.

Richi is helping my 9th grade daughter with her math (Algebra and Geometry). My daughter is benefiting greatly from Richi’s help and, in fact, she is getting A’s in her math classes–thanks to Richi. My daughter enjoys her time with Richi (as much as is feasible, given that it’s math, not going to the beach). Richi has a personable manner and is a very positive and supportive person, and he makes math easy to understand. If you want to learn math very well, and do better in school or on your SAT/ACT exams, then Richi is your man. You could not do better. As you can see, we are very pleased with Richi. We plan on continuing to use his services with my oldest daughter and eventually with our other two younger children, as well, in the future.


Great Tutor

Richi has a knack for scaffolding difficult concepts in a comprehensible way that is perfect for the high school student.



Richi taught me math algebra for my replacement test at Santa Monica college… He is a very good teacher and nows how to explain it easily. Thanks


Excellent Pre-Calculus Tutor

After the first tutoring session I received an “A” on my test when I usually averaged a “C”. Richi makes the problems easy to understand. I highly recommend him to anyone.


Go with Richi!

Richi was very clear and taught me the methods I needed to succeed. He is super helpful and willing to go the extra mile even outside of our session. He has an obvious passion to help others and in just one session, he helped me make strides in my understanding of mathematical concepts.


A great tutor

Richi has given my child much more confidence in her mathematics and that makes her enjoy it more. We are very happy to have him.


Focused and prepared

Stellar first session where Richi came prepared with appropriate materials, laid out a solid plan going forward for our son and made goals for the academic year.


Serious about success?? Work with Rich!

I am a student at SMC currently working on my prerequisites for medical school. Not only do I have to take challenging math courses, but I need to do well in them. This summer, I was required to take a fast-paced algebra class. After 2 exams with low C grades, I thought there was no way I could pass. However, before dropping the course, I decided to try working with a tutor. After signing up on the WyzAnt website, Rich immediately contacted me an was very accommodating. After working with him for only 2 weeks, I went from scoring in the low 70’s to a 90 on my third exam. Not only was this a good score, but the second highest in the class. I ultimately got a B in the class and I am extremely satisfied with Rich’s help. Rich is a patient and devoted tutor. He goes above and beyond to help me, should I have questions after our sessions. I can always text or call him if I need anything. He is punctual and professional, and I strongly recommend him. I will continue to use his services for the duration of my math classes.


Thorough and accommodating

Richi assessed my skill level first and immediately knew where to begin with me. I liked that he reviewed the fundamentals with me and is helping build a foundation to succeed at my desired skill level. He had helped me accomplish a road map since I didn’t know where to begin after not attending school for quite some time. Richi was also accommodating to my needs when scheduling and has reasonable rates for his level of knowledge and tutoring skills.


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